Natural materials are the best option for construction. They have excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics and avoid harming the environment.


This building technique uses large adobe bricks, made with soil from the build site, water, and natural fibers. The bricks are held together with a mixture of the same earth they’re made with.
They are durable structures, lasting for many hundreds of years.

Wattle and daub

This technique goes by many names—basically it consists of a structure of vertical wooden posts, connected horizontally or diagonally with pieces of wood, reeds, bamboo, or other fibers. Together they form a cage that can then be filled with an earth mixture.
Wattle and daub has been proven earthquake resistant, and it maintains a pleasant microclimate in its interior.
There are 400-year-old buildings still in existence that were made using this technique.

Straw bales

This is a wood-frame and straw bale construction system. Walls are approximately 50 centimeters wide, which provides thermal comfort that is adaptable to a wide temperature range, from -30 C° (-22 F°) to 50 C° (122 F°).
Straw bales are practical, easy to acquire, energetically optimal, and have excellent acoustic, thermal and ecological qualities.

‘Little cage’ or dried natural fibers

This technique is low-cost, and uses a structure similar to that of wattle and daub. The difference is that the walls are filled with dried natural fibers (without having been mixed with clay and sand). This technique helps save on labor and material costs.
Jaulilla has earthquake-resistant qualities, thanks to the elasticity of its structural framework, which absorbs vibrations and prevents them from continuing on to the rest of the building. In addition, its lightness facilitates its assembly and reduces the weight borne by the rest of the building. Because of this, in case of collapse the damage will be minimized. It also has reasonable thermal insulation, thanks to the earth mixture applied to the outside of the walls.


This construction technique uses stone from the region, held together with a mortar of sand and lime or an earth-based mix. Building with stone has many advantages: durability, easy maintenance, and fire-resistance, along with thermal and acoustic properties. In addition, the process used to shape the stones tend to consume little energy. The technique is used infrequently nowadays because it’s very expensive.


This construction technique uses a mixture of a large quantity of natural fibers and earth. It consists of the placement of many layers of the earth mixture on top of one another, which can then be molded to form square, rectangular, or round living spaces.

Design and construction

We offer the construction of the space that you require, using just one building technique or a hybrid of several.
We always search for the best option in terms of design, materials, and finishing details.
We have expertise in the restoration of all types of buildings.

  • Project design

    We design your space according to your needs, combining bioclimatic architecture with eco-technologies.
    We always work to integrate your space to its surroundings.

  • Construcción

    Utilizamos materiales de la región en sistemas de construcción amigables con el medio ambiente. Compartimos el conocimiento mediante el uso de mano de obra local, con la finalidad de que estos sistemas constructivos perduren.

  • Finishing details

    We are able to provide exceptional finishing details using lime and soils of many colors as principal elements. The goal of these final details is to protect the building as well as make your space more beautiful.

  • Eco-Technologies

    We install the following eco-technologies: solar water heaters, bio-gardens to recycle grey and black water, rainwater catchment systems, natural refrigeration, and solar panels.

  • Other services:

    Dry eco-toilet
    Ferrocement tanks
    Energy-efficient wood burning stoves
    Retaining walls built with recycled materials
    Construction of roofs made of water reeds, palm, and bamboo
    Construction of traditional steam baths
    Structures of wood or bamboo
    Solar water heaters
    Earth ovens

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