How do we design?

We create the space that you require, considering characteristics of the local environmental (shape of the land, natural vegetation, direction of prevailing winds, solar radiation, etc.) By harmonizing your space with the natural environment in this way, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

Energy consumption:

Heating water

CO2 emissions

In order to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions, there are three classifications:

Direct emissions: greenhouse gases emitted directly from fossil fuels used in machines or vehicles.

Indirect emissions: greenhouse gases emitted by plants that produce energy.

Other indirect emissions: Services that use energy from these plants.

Energy Yield Diagnostic

We fall within the European Union’s classification of ‘low-contamination and low energy consumption housing,’ based on the Energy Yield Diagnostic (DPE)


Using eco-technologies, we take advantage of naturally occurring energy to reduce the impact on the environment and daily activities.

Dry Eco-Toilet

This toilet doesn’t require running water, and the fecal matter is composted, thanks to a system that separates and stores urine and feces.

Energy-efficient wood burning stove

This stove provides many advantages for those who live in rural areas and want to use less gas and firewood. It allows for food to be cooked without the negative health effects of smoke, since it uses suction, pulling the smoke through a tube and far from the house, food, and other people in the area.


Biogardens (or wetlands) are used for the treatment of grey water or black water. They filter the water using aquatic plants and algae so that it can be re-used.

Rainwater catchment systems

Rainwater runs off of roofs and into small canals, which carry it first to a filtration system and then on to a storage tank.

'Achieving all-around comfort'

  • Visual

    Sensation achieved through form and color.

  • Lighting

    By designing with natural lighting, less conventional lighting is used.

  • Smell

    The pleasant aroma of natural materials

  • Acoustic

    Adequate sound insulation in each space.

  • Heating and cooling

    The materials we use keep the building at a comfortable temperature.

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